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New Features & Fixes
Version 3.07
-Google Maps feature now available. Choose between FlashEarth & Google Maps (via the Settings button).
-FlashEarth users will now see Microsoft w/Labels as the default Map Source.
-Fixed Unit Status screen bug when GPS signal is blocked (some users would see 0% battery).
-COMM Report now includes City & Zip Code for each fix.
-Minor bug fixes.
Version 3.06
-COMM Report now has a column to show when the motion sensor was tripped.
-The Units List indicates "No GPS Data" instead of Lat/Lon 0.0000 when there is no GPS data.
-Units List displays "GPS Antenna Blocked" for blocked fixes instead of last good fix/address.
-Unit Status screen optimized to display data better.
-Minor bug fixes.
Version 3.05
-Motion sensor can now be turned off by selecting "None" on the Change Unit Settings screen..
-When adding a tracker software will choose "Ranger Plus" as the default model.
-Fixed "No Internet Connection" message when no units are entered into software.
-Minor bug fixes.
Version 3.04
-Software patch to track either a Ranger Plus or a Ranger Pro (battery level indicator now accurate for both Pro & Plus models)
-Track Unit feature now only updates unit being actively tracked, instead of all Rangers in your list (for clients tracking multiple Rangers simultaneously).
-Minor bug fixes.
Version 3.03
-Bug fix to correct invalid (future) dates being reported.
-"Settings" Menu replaced with "Options" Menu.
-Minor bug fixes.
Version 3.02
-Fix for "frmGrid.GetLastFix:Err62 (input past end of file)" error included.
-Minor bug fixes.
Version 3.01
-The 3.0 release had a bug in the "Track Unit" screen.
-Minor bug fixes.
Version 3.0
IMPORTANT: Version 3.0 or higher is required in order to tracker Ranger ID's higher than #2999
-Software now supports multiple Ranger Servers.
-"Preview Report" will allow you to view satellite imagery by clicking a location in the report.
-"Request Report" feature added to show GPS Signal strength (Unit Status Screen).
-Minor bug fixes.
Version 2.53
-New Product Manual added & linked in Help Menu.
-Added functionality to remove bad-reported satellite dates.
-Changed Unit Status screen to inform you of GPS signal better.
-Minor bug fixes.
Version 2.52
-Fixed small glitch with software (not) auto-downloading every 2 minutes.
-Instructions added to bottom of View Stops/Transits screen (left-click & right-click details).
Version 2.51
-Fixed issue with installation (& Autorun).
-Fixed Add New Unit issue.
Version 2.50
-Database auto-fixing program added to software for clients on Windows XP Home.
Version 2.49
-Satellite Imagery (right-click on a stop sign in the Stops/Trans screen for Google/Yahoo Map of location)
Version 2.48
-More user friendly
-More accurate View Stops/Transit
Version 2.47
-Print in Black & White OR Color
-Easier Report Printing Interface
-Address Communication Report
Version 2.45
-Larger, Easy to Read Buttons
-'Locates' Definition Help File
-Enhanced Error Reporting (send error report to TPI)
-SMS Text Messaging
-Easier Unit Menu
-Faster Data Downloading
-View Route Playback is Instant, without delay.
-Software Installation "Ranger" in Add/Remove Programs.
-Invalid User/Pass Pop-up Window

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On-Line Upgrades Are No Longer Available
Current Version: 4.08
Release Date: 4/2012
Call For DVD 1.10 GB

Note: If you purchased your Ranger before 2/1/2007 your tracker is not compatible with software newer than Version 2.36. Please Click Here for 2.36 Upgrade Files.
    Installation Instructions for the Ranger 4.08:
  1. We must send you a DVD to install.
  2. The program must be installed from disk.
  3. Please call us at 888-444-8284 and request a copy.You may use the Web interface as well.
  4. Go to www.yoursignin.com and enter your units.
  5. Use your existing User Name and Password to get started.
Ranger (NON-Plus) Software 2.36 Upgrade Installer:
Note: If you purchased your Ranger before 2/1/2007 your tracker is not compatible with software newer than Version 2.36. Please contact us to inquire about a possible upgrade to your product.
Current Version: 2.36
Installer Size: 367 KB

Click Here to Download
    Installation Instructions for the Ranger 2.36 Upgrade:
  1. Your Protrak Ranger Software must be closed during the upgrade.
  2. Click the Link above to begin the download.
  3. When the download box opens select "Save".
  4. Select where on your Hard Drive you'd like to save the file to & click "Save".
  5. When your download completes select "Run" or "Open".
  6. Read each screen and select "Next" until the installer is finished.
  7. You have successfully completed the install and can now re-open your Software.
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